PC Advisors Circulation.

  user8 17:43 12 Mar 09

Just heard on the business news on Radio 2 that a mens magazine has stopped publication.
How has the current market & recession effected PC Advisors Circulation & if so is it up or down?

  Stuartli 18:18 12 Mar 09

Could be because a surprisingly large number of men (and younger ones even more so) these days seem to want to burst into emotional tears at the drop of a hat...:-)

  Forum Editor 19:13 12 Mar 09

because I don't know what the current circulation figure is - my PCA life revolves around this forum. What I can tell you - and it must be pretty obvious - is that an economic recession is hardly the ideal situation in which to be a monthly magazine.

Go into a newsagent and take a look along the shelves - all of those magazines have to work very hard to sell themselves, and competition is fierce.

  961 19:35 12 Mar 09

Forgive me, why is that anything to do with you?

If you find the magazine gives you articles that you find helpful at a price you find o.k then what more do you need to know?

  iscanut 19:52 12 Mar 09

"Forgive me, why is that anything to do with you?"

user8 can ask what he wants if he is interested !

  laurie53 20:33 12 Mar 09

It might not have anything to with user8 but it has a lot to do with me and several thousand other subscribers.

If it went to the wall, and I think we are all confident it will not, we would be out of pocket and very much at the back end of the queue of creditors!

Having said that, I would be very surprised if its circulation, along with many other quality, specialist glossies, had not gone down.

  HondaMan 20:38 12 Mar 09

"we would be out of pocket and very much at the back end of the queue of creditors"


  tullie 20:40 12 Mar 09

Maybe because a subscription has been paid?

  lotvic 22:50 12 Mar 09

I've just paid upfront for the next 12 issues.

  Forum Editor 23:04 12 Mar 09

No need to worry - we're just fine. We're part of the world's largest IT publishing group, and we're not planning on going to the wall.

Take a look at this, and listen to Bob Carrigan - he'll tell you all about IDG.

click here

  laurie53 07:33 13 Mar 09

Like I said, I think most of us are confident that all is well, but the worriers will appreciate your confirmation!

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