PC Advisor cut backs!!

  Pine Man 13:25 09 Aug 08

Times must be getting hard at PCA Towers.

The magazines DVD now comes in a cardboard sleeve rather than plastic case.

Watch out FE you could be next;-)

  User2008 13:57 09 Aug 08
  Kemistri 13:59 09 Aug 08

I don't know how exactly how many IT magazines are sold each month, but lot of cover discs must get binned, so why not make part of it recyclable? My preferred publications use the same kind of packaging, so there is obviously a very welcome movement in that direction.

  Pine Man 14:29 09 Aug 08

Thanks - didn't spot that!

  Forum Editor 15:17 09 Aug 08

What, to be stuck on the front cover? Now there's a sales booster if ever I saw one.

  User2008 15:25 09 Aug 08

LOL, and dressed just in a cardboard sleeve too.

  jack 17:31 09 Aug 08

I hope that is so.
My latest issue October came in the case.
The cases I find most useful .
The older discs from 1 year back get transferred into clear plastic envelopes with the main content slip and the cases recycled for my masterpieces.

  laurie53 21:47 09 Aug 08

Less junk for landfill, more for recycling.

Now if PCA would only offer me £1 a quarter discount for opting out of a DVD............!

(I know, it's been suggested many times, and there are practical difficulties.)

  BAC1-11 09:07 10 Aug 08

I am surprised nobody has commented on the missing 40 or so pages. As soon as I picked up off the mat yesterday I noticed it was thinner than normal.

  tullie 09:49 10 Aug 08

So whats missing?

  NETCHRIS 01:34 12 Aug 08

I prefer the cases as it makes them more collectible and easier to organize, I have a large stack of them in my DVD/CD/Floppy/Removable Storage draw.

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