pc advisor competitions

  tenor 16:46 13 Feb 03

Anyone know where to find the winners?

  Pumas 16:57 13 Feb 03

In the magazine. On the Welcome page.

  Pumas 16:57 13 Feb 03

In the magazine. On the Welcome page. If you win you'll be contacted.


  Djohn 17:10 13 Feb 03

tenor, I take it, you've not won then! :o(

  Wes Tam ;-) 17:13 13 Feb 03

The comps are listed on this site - why can't the winners be shown?

  B37C 18:00 13 Feb 03

I agree why can't the winners be shown on this

  y_not 21:39 13 Feb 03

Thought the competition was like the lottery.........I got the right six numbers - they draw the wrong ones!! (again)

Why do you want to know who the winner is.....unless its you?

  anchor 16:45 15 Feb 03


Because it`s nice to know that there actually ARE winners.

  Dave Bowman 19:10 18 Feb 03

Has anybody won the AJP laptop in the Spring issue yet?
Every time I try to get to the entry form via one of the links to try my lucky number I can't see the form, just a grey area under the intro panel.

  BLH 20:33 18 Feb 03

I've entered them for over 6 years?? Nowt.
got more near misses on Medal of Honor.

  Andsome 11:22 19 Feb 03

I had exactly the same problem. I e-mailed Guy Dixon, he replied that he had accessed the page o.k. and could find no problems. I tried disabling my Firewall and found the form OK. After completeing it I reactivated the firewall, and the form is no longer visible. I have had no problems on any other forms or websites, only that one for that competition.

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