PayPal Refund

  Pine Man 05 Jun 11

I purchased an item on line for £10, which had to be paid for via PayPal. The company couldn't fulfil the order so sent me a £10 refund via PayPal. I had a PayPal account many years ago but cancelled it due to the high amount of unwelcome and dodgy emails.

To redeem the refund I had to set up a new PayPal account in my name and then had the option to have the refund credited to either my credit card or bank. I opted for my bank and, following a lot more on line form filling with PayPal, authorised the transfer.

All that could be transferred was £9.46. Where did the other 54p go to? I know it is only a small amount but this is the first time I have been charged for having a refund.

  hastelloy 05 Jun 11

I don't think you were charged for a refund - PayPal charge for withdrawing from your account. If you had left it there, there wouldn't have been a charge. I think this is the way it works.

  Pine Man 05 Jun 11

Thanks for that I think I will stick with straight forward credit card transactions in future and steer clear of companies using PayPal.

  Autoschediastic 05 Jun 11

Pineman Marvin is correct youve been charged a small amount for the service! hope this helps?

  Pine Man 05 Jun 11


Thanks for the confirmation.


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