Paypal paying late?

  dms05 14:50 07 Nov 06

I occassionally buy items off ebay and pay very quickly by Paypal - usually as soon as the auction ends. Recently I bought an item, Paypal confirmed I'd paid and took the money from my bank account within a couple of days but then didn't pay the seller for two weeks. This resulted in the item ordered taking a very long time to arrive. Has anyone else had a similar experience or was I the exception? In any case it wasn't acceptable.

  hssutton 16:13 07 Nov 06

I had as similar experience just over a month ago. Questions to Paypal by the seller and myself the buyer brought differing reasons. None that made any sense and where contradictory.

  lisa02 16:18 07 Nov 06

I requested money from my bank account to pay my ebay fees. Taken from my bank within days and vanished for almost 3 weeks a while back there. Just imagine that on A BIG GRAND SCALE.

  dms05 16:52 07 Nov 06

Absolutely. My few quid for a few days is insignificant. However several tens of million quid always taken 2 weeks early amounts to a nice positive look to their cash flow - at the customers expense.

  postie24 17:57 07 Nov 06

Have been using paypal for a year now with no probs.Hopefully wont have any of the above issues.Will post if i do.

  spuds 18:16 07 Nov 06

Welcome to the mystery world of PayPal. That's why there are at least four websites on PayPal consumer affairs :O)

  Stuartli 20:01 07 Nov 06

Plus a Watchdog piece tonight about e-Bay....

  Snec 09:59 08 Nov 06

Using PayPal backed by a bank account, as apposed to a credit card or funds in your PayPal account, results in an E-Cheque being raised. These can take up to 20 days to clear.

As a seller I always advise my buyers about this. It is something very few buyers realise, and a lot of sellers are not aware of either, come to that.

  wee eddie 10:06 08 Nov 06

That clarifies a number of questions that I had never voiced.

  dms05 14:25 08 Nov 06

Snec - why do echeques take 20 days to clear when my bank makes the balance of cheques available to me the day they are paid in? And you're quite right, I'd never heard of echeques.

Usually Paypal has paid my vendor the same day and taken money out of my bank account a day or two later.

The problem is you cannot depend upon Paypal taking a well defined action in response to a well known set of circumstances.

  lisa02 18:42 08 Nov 06

echeques are a made up thing by paypal, I really don't like them anymore and thus stopped using them. They are almost a law unto themselves, remember they are not a bank and they don't operate like one either. It's basically upto them when your funds appear. I also believe their charges are too dear as well.

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