Paying NTL Broadband bill via Internet Banking

  VNAM75 18:40 27 Jul 05

My local Paypoint refused to accept payment of ntl bill today, which I'm sure is due to ntl changing their bank from natwest to alliance and leicester.

Is it possible to pay the bill via a normal online direct payment from my current account? NTL quote their account number as eight zeros, 00000000 Would this account number be correct?

  SEASHANTY 15:59 28 Jul 05

NTL collect the monthly £24-99 internet account from my online bank around the 12th of each month.
This is by Direct Debit. The number you have quoted for NTL, eight zeroes is evidently not correct. Just ask NTL to send you a direct debit form which you can fill in and return to them with your bank details.

  Jackcoms 16:08 28 Jul 05

"The number you have quoted for NTL, eight zeroes is evidently not correct".

Not necessarily so.

Companies often have an account number with 8 zeros, particularly when that account is used to collect payment/s from many, many customers.

The customer's own account number (or reference number) would be used in the details of the Direct Debit to identify from whom the money came.

  pj123 17:04 28 Jul 05

Whether they have changed their bank account or not they don't seem to be having any trouble taking money from my account

  SEASHANTY 20:00 28 Jul 05

Thanks for that information of which I was unaware.

My own direct debit has an eighteen digit number which commences 1000400........... strangely enough the 18 digits do contain eight zeroes!

  Dragon Heart 22:45 29 Jul 05

When I rang the coutumier support number today a recorded message tells you there has been a problem with the bar code on bills and new ones will be issued shortly !

  VNAM75 00:04 30 Jul 05

That explains it, I just posted a cheque with the Giro slip.

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