Pay as you go internet deals for broadband capable mobile phones?

  theDarkness 13:10 23 Apr 09

How long do you think it will take before we are offered realistic pay as you go internet deals for broadband capable mobile phones? Mobiles such as the k850i have built in accelerated 3G, but its unfortunate that the majority of companies still only offer mobile internet on pay as you go with a limited 200 to 300 mb per month maximum download capability. If i buy one of these phones for use with my laptop whilst on the move, this would save me the hassle of buying a mobile internet stick, if the speed of accelerated 3g is potentially close to the speed of mobile stick broadband. If its just as fast, i would imagine mobile phones could soon become the main choice when requiring a mobile net service for your laptop whilst on the go. What do you think?

  ronalddonald 20:02 23 Apr 09

do i think well lets c, may be u should of posted this in speakers corner.

  tullie 20:13 23 Apr 09

Maybe its ok in here?

  theDarkness 21:45 23 Apr 09

not sure, but its true ive no real replies to my question yet in here, lol ;)
mayb some kind moderator could cut and paste my question to there, if it would help encourage people to give their views or any helpful related information! thanks

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