Original HP inkjet cartridges from Consumables Ltd

  myrtle the turtle 17:30 08 Mar 06

Just a warning to anyone who sees the 'buy one, get one free' offer on original HP C6578A cartridges from this firm: despite the photo showing an original HP box, these cartridges are repackaged and have no install-by date printed on the box. The date on the cartridge itself show the manufacturer's warranty expired almost a year ago! This isn't mentioned in the advertisement.

  spuds 18:32 08 Mar 06

How about giving a link to this company!.

  myrtle the turtle 19:28 08 Mar 06

click here

They do offer a full refund, which of course I am taking up, but there was no apology or other comment on my complaint that they appeared to be selling sub-standard products under the guise of full spec ones.

  myrtle the turtle 19:28 08 Mar 06
  myrtle the turtle 19:30 08 Mar 06

Why can't I get this link to appear? Here goes again:-

click here

  spuds 22:45 08 Mar 06

All the links seem to work okay.Looking at their prices, I would suggest that they are not all that cheap.Normally, if a product is repackaged, then this may mean the item is a compatible or perhaps from surplus stock, especially if it is shown as time expired, like in your case.

  myrtle the turtle 23:06 08 Mar 06

It's true that they're not the cheapest source, but at two for the price of one they certainly are! However, unless you read the product description carefully (which admittedly I didn't do as there was no need), you wouldn't notice that the cartridges were repackaged. The photo in the ad clearly shows an original box, the heading states the cartridge is 'original', but nowhere does the ad give away the fact that the items are time expired. You wouldn't find that out until you opened the box.

This firm were once credited with Which? magazine 'Web Trader' status, which indicated a respectable company. They seem to have let their standards slip in this case.

As mentioned previously, they do offer a full refund, but my warning was intended to save others wasting their time with an offer that was too good to be true.

  terryf 23:21 09 Mar 06

Look at click here for less expensive oem cartridgesbut remember the £4 postage charge. No VAT

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