Origin of strange phone number

  setecio 21:50 20 Sep 08


I got a sales call and just hung up, but the number is really weird and am wondering, just out of interest, if anyone can identify where it originates from (country ? ): (To avoid giving out the exact number I replaced the last three digits with ?s )


  fullyfitted 22:13 20 Sep 08

Try putting it in Google,
Even without the last three digits I
got some interesting results

  spuds 22:22 20 Sep 08
  Zak 07:49 21 Sep 08

Another useful database plus comments from users about calls received.

click here

  setecio 21:49 21 Sep 08

ok thanks

  Big L 266 09:38 22 Sep 08

Hello.When the phone rings,I pick it up and sometimes hear "Congratulations!You've won a holiday to Florida!Press 9 to continue!"No chance!!This grubby firm,whoever they are,won't get my details to dial around the world and leave me to pick up ther bill!Sadly,this firm of morons don't leave numbers to ring them back.I wish they would!Boy would I let rip at them!

My friend recently had one left on her answer machine whereby the number was stored.I asked her for the number,typed into Yahoo! search,and found it came from Denmark!If it ain't the Americans with their ghastly sales pitch,its the Danes!I told her never to respond to these con-artists by doing or pressing anything on her phone to reveal her details and allow them to go on a spending spree all over the world running up a huge phone bill.

These ghastly grubby little good-for-nothing, back-bedroom, ill-run and,probably highly illegal,firms of morons should be found,hung,drawn and quartered as they are all vexations to the spirit! You sure did right by hanging up!

All the best.

  mikef. 20:15 22 Sep 08

They are an absolute pain in the neck and even leave their annoying pre recorded message on the answer phone

  €dstowe 07:38 23 Sep 08

One that I find particularly irritating is:

Phone rings - pause but a sort of aircraft engine noise in the background then "This is your captain speaking, how would you like to...."

I don't know what he says next as the phone is quickly in its rest.

As normal, a 1471 reveals nothing.

I get 2 or 3 of these a week.

  Chris the Ancient 09:20 23 Sep 08

click here

Shows codes for phone facilities - including blocking numbers.

  interzone55 16:06 23 Sep 08

Why do companies feel they have to force their marketing on people?

TV adverts can be avoided by not watching commercial stations - lowest common denominator TV anyway.

Spam easily drops in my spam mail folder.

Printed spam is on the down turn, but gets recycled.

Telephone spam on the other hand is very intrusive, it wakes up children when it rings in the evening, sometimes foreign companies get the times wrong and ring in the middle of the night.
My telephone is there for friends and family to contact me, and for me to contact them, it's not there so companies can try to sell me services I either don't want or need, or am able to research myself thank you very much...

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