Orange email re Direct Debit

  Severn Bore 15:43 18 Jan 08

I have received an email, allegedly from Orange, saying that I need to pay my mothly charge by direct debit or face an extra £2 monthly charge. I have been unable to verify whether it is genuine and wonder if anyone out there has any ideas?

  Clapton is God 15:49 18 Jan 08

Why not call them?

However, it probably is genuine because an increasing number of companies are adopting this "pay by Direct Debit or we'll charge you extra" policy

  hugh144 16:53 18 Jan 08

I received the same e mail yesterday - it appears genuine. If you already pay by DD then there isn't a problem.As mentioned above, a number of companies have imposed an additional fee for non DD including BT.

  Severn Bore 19:15 18 Jan 08

Thanks for the reassuring replies.

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