Orange Complaints

  RobCharles1981 17:54 06 Aug 10

Hi Guys

I'm after some assistance you could share with me.

Back in June I invested in a blackberry pay monthly phone from my local orange shop, and its been running fine with no problems.

Well up until the point I had it, it was causing me problems, I just couldn't get it to work not able to make calls or receive texts or nothing.

So I decided to phone orange support from a BT Land Line and each time getting to India they are complete nightmare they just don't have a clue and wasting my time, in the end put the phone down I tried again still not getting the same idiots in India. Out of the couple of times I phoned orange I got through the UK who where of good help in the end, I had to insert my "new sim card and all was fine.

Now the nice part. The Phone Bill Came In and been decked about £17 worth of calls which where wasting my time.

Is there any chance I could raise a complaint with orange or ofcom to get some compensation do you think?

Thanks for any thoughts given.



  PalaeoBill 20:41 06 Aug 10

I think your on a hiding to nothing but you may have a case if the shop didn't explain things to you properly and the paperwork doesn't either. It also begs the question why didn't you just go back to the Orange shop. But...

What was the sequence of events?
Its fairly typical that a new mobile comes with a new SIM even if your keeping the same number, especially if its something like a Blackberry as the services are tied to the SIM. Orange like to register a SIM to a particular phone as well.

Did the Blackberry come with a SIM?
Did it work when you got it and then stopped working or had it never worked?
Did you have another Orange mobile before the Blackberry and you wanted to keep the same number so put your old SIM into the new Blackberry?

Did the people in the Orange shop tell you it would come with a new SIM and you would need to register it before you could make calls?

What does the paperwork say that came with the Blackberry?

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