Orange Broadband

  ronec 15:44 19 Apr 07

Is anybody else out there having trouble with their Orange Broadband connection disconnecting itself all the time, then not reconnecting until you have tried about a dozen times. I did here mention on one blog about problems but I cannot find it again. I have e-mailed them but they do not reply, so I have written to the Company Secretary to see if that will get anywhere.
Are they not breaching the Sale of Goods Act, by not supplying the service they are charging for?

  Flak999 17:34 19 Apr 07

Try looking at click here quite a lot of interesting information!

  ronec 19:35 19 Apr 07

thanks for the info. looks like everyone will abandon ship. maybe thats what they want, being French and all that.

  laurie53 19:37 19 Apr 07

I had this a few weeks ago.

I got round it by swapping the USB connection for the wireless adapter.

Don't know if this is available to you


  ronec 19:43 19 Apr 07

Thanks Laurie but I am not wireless

  Woolwell 19:54 19 Apr 07

I must be getting to be a minority of one as I haven't had any real problems! Perhaps I shouldn't have said that - tempting fate, etc.

  ronec 20:02 19 Apr 07

Hi woolwell. yes don't speak too soon, my problems only started a couple of weeks ago, but my son in law who lives 100 mtrs away has had trouble for months. It must be slowly creeping along the phone lines

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