Orang web down?

  ened 06:38 17 Mar 08

A friend of mine has had no web access from Orange since last Wednesday.

They assured him it would be back on by Saturday lunchtime.

He owns a Hotel and needs this for online bookings.

I have been doing this for him but have just realised that such an outage (they claim it is National and have told him they are having to put everyone back one at a time!!!!!!) should have got a mention somewhere.

Has anyone else had this problem or knopw of anyone who has ?

  STREETWORK 07:19 17 Mar 08

I am on Orange with no problems, they are talking bulls***.

What internet connection is it, using livebox or what?

  ened 07:31 17 Mar 08

But I should have realised this before.

The trouble is he had the bloke from the Orange shop round and he confirmed that Orange had a Nationwide problem.

I am off round to tell him to look for other factors because it would have been mentioned in places like this forum if there had been a major outage for five days.

  ventanas 08:43 17 Mar 08

I'm with Orange as well, and I have had no problems over the weekend. It has started to drop the connection about once a day, but that is only minor.
As Streetwork has said, Orange are talking rubbish.

  ened 10:30 17 Mar 08

Well I've been round to see him; his phone is not crackling and BT have said there is nothing wrong with the line.

I have told him to try to find someone else in the area who uses Orange.

I'll close this thread because I reckon that if it had been a National problem, like they claim, it would have received some attention.

Thanks for your comments.

  ened 15:25 20 Mar 08

I'd be interested to know what people think about this.

He still has no internet access. The bloke from the Orange shop has been round and every day since last Friday Orange themselves have told him it will be back on in 24 hours (Friday)48 hours (Saturday) then 24 hours everyday including today.

I really can't believe that in this day and age it needs to take so long especially as he is potentially losing business.

It is extremely frustrating and if I hadn't been picking up his online bookings for him he would have lost an incredible amount of business.

What can he do?

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