Optical mouse

  Proxy Worm 10:51 06 Jan 04

After a little hassle with my balled mouse i have decided to change it, i was wandering if anyone knew a good place to buy a decent mouse- internet or shops. Tried and tested ones if possible.

Reghards Bally

  wags 12:36 06 Jan 04

Probably a good idea to try out a few at say, PC World, to make sure they're comfortable in the hand as they vary in size, number of buttons etc and then check online for best prices, eg Dabs, Ebuyer etc (do a search on Google).

try trust keyboard & mouse cordless I have used thes for a few years & very consistent does use batteries but only change about every 6 months
ie click here

  caterpilla 17:07 06 Jan 04

ive recently changed from ball to optic, an acrox bought for i think 9.99 from maplins and its bloomin exclnt, its got a scroll button it glides round the mat and i just love it. what a bargain
(i dont work there by the way just a happy shopper!)

  Proxy Worm 18:40 06 Jan 04

Thanks i will pop into maplins on the weekend!

  Proxy Worm 15:57 07 Jan 04

Any others?

  Zurdo 16:58 07 Jan 04

I just got a MS Intellimouse Optical from e-bay for £15, it's OEM so you have to download the software from MS but it's far better than the ball versions.

  plsndrs3 18:15 07 Jan 04

MS Intellimouse Optical bought from PC World abou 2 years ago. Never had any problems & set up a doddle.

Don't miss the ball & having to clean t regularly!



  IanR2 11:42 08 Jan 04

Argo's are doing Logitech MX500 for £29.79 at the moment,as far as i know they are really good,unless you are left handed as they are moulded for right handers, i think i might invest in one myself

  Ashrein 12:17 08 Jan 04

Just purchased MS Wireless keyboard and mouse from Evesham,this is OEM so you have to download software from Microsoft but I think this is excellent value at £34.08 incl;P&P

  Godfather2004 15:52 08 Jan 04

Thanks everyone, i am getting one from maplins!

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