Online v Bricks and Mortar

  HXP 28 May 11

I read the article about is it right to use brick and mortar shops to view a product and then buy online ? I was looking for a Samsung WB650 and called in to Jessops to have a look - it is £20 to £50 cheaper than on line AND jessops give you 150 free prints so I brought it there ant then, Nice camera with GPS built in x15 zoom. So is it wrong to research prices on line and then buy from a bricks and mortar shop ? For some reason I didn't feel as guilty. Search for the camera and you will find a big online retailer selling it for £180 vs Jessops £150 ( Gloucester Branch valid as of 28/05/2011.

I guess it really is a case of shop around and on line is not always the cheapest.


PS I have no affiliation connection or commercial interest in Jessops

  spuds 28 May 11

Whats wrong with researching a product before you make a purchase. I do it all the time, whether its on-line or in a store.

Purchasing on-line and you are usually only left with what is on offer, going into a store and you may well have someone providing some very fair advice, and who might negotiate a better deal for you.

In fact I have even taken print-outs of on-line deals, and ask the store if they price-match. I have never yet had a refusal, because most places will price-match or give additional items to settle a deal. The main stumbling block I would assume, is that some people are very reluctant in asking, because they get rather embarrassed, or think that is not the done thing!.

  HXP 28 May 11

Nothing wrong with bartering on price - I was rather reflecting on the point that the best deals are not always on line - it is an interesting ' flip ' to the article on the PC Advisor website


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