Online retailer of the year

  Joe R 16:47 24 Dec 05

Seeing as it is drawing to the end of another year, I was wondering who the forum members would say has been their online retailer of the year.

I may be one of the lucky ones, but I have had a good year, for purchasing online, and have had no major errors, or any hassle chasing up orders etc.

My favourites would be as follows. In jointsecond place I would put, (in no particular order) Novatech. Micro-direct, Aria, CCL, Maplins, and Komplett, but my first place vote would have to go to, Crucial, whose set-up, to me, Has, and still is, first rate in all departments, from sales to support.

  Joe R 16:49 24 Dec 05


Why can't my fingers type correctly without errors. :o)

  Stuartli 16:53 24 Dec 05

Crucial has always been the blueprint on which every online (or indeed high street retail) outlet should base its sales, service and after sales customer care.

It would probably mean the end of Customerwatch as we know it, but think of the stress free lifestyle we would enjoy...:-)

  Stuartli 16:54 24 Dec 05

If you typed correctly, then you wouldn't have any errors...:-)

  Diodorus Siculus 17:01 24 Dec 05

Crucial, Novatech and Amazon are my favourites.

  kev d 18:53 24 Dec 05

Dabs and Amazon.

  ade.h 19:23 24 Dec 05


Certainly not Amazon.

Crucial is good but I have used it just once so it is difficult to assess.

  bvw in bristol 19:48 24 Dec 05

Superb after sales makes them a first class company, phone,email or internet they are there to help. No fuss, no bother, just sheer efficiency.... a pleasure to deal with.

  realist 19:48 24 Dec 05

Definitely Amazon ....and all the wonderful people on eBay the world over who've come up trumps time and time again!

  spuds 21:00 24 Dec 05

Ebuyer,first and fourmost.

  phoenix198 21:47 24 Dec 05

Amazon, Novatech and Crucial for me.

QuietPC and are pretty good too.

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