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  AdventCalendar 23:41 13 Jan 03
  AdventCalendar 23:41 13 Jan 03


Im new to this so bear with me....

What places would you recommend for good value for money, online photo processing?

Im looking at:

- price
- quality
- timescales

thanks for your help.

  Stuartli 23:52 13 Jan 03

Thread on this subject here:

click here

  AdventCalendar 23:58 13 Jan 03

thanks mate

  tbh72 02:10 14 Jan 03

click here

This is the service I use. Please Note. With All The Online Developer's You Get Best Prices When Ordering 40+ pictures at a time.

This company charges 1.50 P&P per order placed.

1-9 0.75p = 9 Pictures £8.25

10-15 0.40p = 15 Pictures £7.50

16-24 0.25p = 24 Pictures £7.50

25-39 0.20p = 39 Pictures £8.30

40+ 0.15p = 40 Pictures £7.50

I generally receive the pictures in 3-4 day's and I alway's order 40 + 6*4 I have yet to find a cheaper company.

And I'm nearly finished

click here

This link is excellent for Passport Photograph's & 3rd of the price of those horrible booths.

£1.75 get's you 6 or 8 of the same picture. I have my kids in my wallet incase I loose them. It's an easy way for ASDA staff to find them when they have wandered off into the sweet's isle. ROFL

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:34 14 Jan 03

'25-39 0.20p = 39 Pictures £8.30 '....OMG!!!!!! 'Tis cheaper to buy a CD writer and use Irfanview for a slideshow on the computer.

For happy snaps, my partner uses colour negative film and it costs £3.99 for 24hr processing and up yo 39 enprints (7x5 prints are a pound more). You also get a free film as well.


  tbh72 10:37 14 Jan 03

Some people just want the paper in thier hands, they want the actual pictures. Here's the dilema:

You've just got your DC bundled with your new pc. You want real photograph's you've got 2 options 1. Print 'em your self (On the high quality printer supplied) Which as it turn's out is highly expensive, paper, ink, time and overall quality isn't there anyhow.

2. Get them printed at a fraction of the cost by a professional!!

I know which one I would choose & I speak from experience having done both.

  AdventCalendar 12:08 14 Jan 03

Im happy with all my photos on disc, but my parents took my camera abroad, and they want paper copies [as usual] to show their friends and work colleagues.

I, and they, understand that after they've shown these people they will be shoved in a drawer until they decide to have a look every once in a blue moon. But thats their decision, and they are happy to pay for it.

You know what older people are like! ;-)

  alB 17:08 14 Jan 03

Give Jessops a try, they even give you ten free prints so you can see the quality for yourself...alB

  alB 17:09 14 Jan 03

Here's the here

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