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  mdshamilton 13:01 14 Jul 03

There have been a lot of threads lately discussing digital cameras and colour printers. I send my digital photos to an online photo lab for printing on Kodak paper etc. (I was an SLR photographer for my High School and University newspapers so I don't trust the quality or longevity of home printed photos).

I found that Kodak's site is one of the most expensive, Telewest's is the most difficult to use and have ended up using Sony's photo lab for ease of use and price.

Which online photo labs do others use or recommend?

  Confab 14:25 14 Jul 03

I use Bonusprint. I find the software very easy to use.

click here

  paddy75 16:01 14 Jul 03

mdshamilton I just happen to have the latest edition of What Digital Camera in front of me,in this issue they done a test on online photo labs and this one came out miles on here a look at their site and check prices ect for your self.Paddy

  paddy75 16:02 14 Jul 03

Should be click here

  Confab 16:25 14 Jul 03

Did the review mention Bonusprint and if so what did it say? It's just that I note that Photobox are more expensive than Bonusprint.

  y_not 06:39 15 Jul 03

Download the digital images from camera, drag them into Studio 8, produce a slideshow (with music/transitions/menus etc), burn to DVD.

Great for storage, accessibility (beats the old shoe box), security (pour a coffee onto my pics and I just wash them off!) and viewing cause I don't have to repeat the commentary to each person as they look at the 6 x 4's.

I know it won't suit everyone and doesn't show the quality (when watched through a TV screen) but it suits my needs.

When I first started I used SVCD's to store the photos.

  Alan,,,,, 13:12 15 Jul 03

I agree with paddy 75.Photobox are very good photos alway's arrive next morning.Keep an eye out for the special deal's they have as well..

  Stuartli 16:47 15 Jul 03

I use Pixology (it also operates's on-line pix service) as well as several other big companies:

click here

Quality is excellent and my last set, ordered on a Wednesday around 4-30pm, arrived in the post at 7-30am on the Friday.

A particular benefit is that the more photographs you order, even from different shots, the cheaper they become.

  andyhuz 17:01 15 Jul 03

I have to agree with y_not. Don`t bother to have your digital images printed out, just create a DVD from them. I believe more and more people will choose this way of archiving and presenting their images,at least I hope so as I intend starting a business doing just that!! There must be lots of people who have a digital camera and snap away quite happily producing lots of digital images but then do nothing with them. Hopefully that is where I come in and produce DVD`s in the style y_not mentions above.


  Stuartli 20:20 16 Jul 03

It might surprise you that a) not everyone has a DVD player and b) that many people, especially the older generation, still prefer paper prints.

  andyhuz 23:30 16 Jul 03

It doesn`t surprise me at all.There are more people with DVD players than not and if people prefer paper prints then I can do that too!! I`m willing to bet that there is a market for the services I intend to offer. What does everybody else think? I know that lots of people are capable of doing things for themselves but they haven`t got the time.

Andy click here

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