Online DVD rental

  javaBalls 21:37 16 Aug 04

click here

I recieved a free trial offer for this website. Has anyone registered with this site or one like it?

It seems like a great idea.

  Salinger 22:17 16 Aug 04

I'm currently using a free month's trial with Blockbuster Online. Service is FAST, BUT you don't get your first choice of films, only a selection from your list. It might improve and if it does, I may continue with three films at any one time for £13.99 per month.

  That Bloke 10:52 17 Aug 04

Hi Javaballs,

I've been using Lovefilm (click here) for quite a while now, and they are fantastic. It is VERY rare that you dont get the next film on the list, and I have yet to discover a film I want that they dont have. The turnaround on DVDs is very quick as well.

I currently get 3 films at a time for £14.99 / month, but am not sure if this is a standard pricing thing as I used to get two until they gave me an extra one free a while ago.

I would highly recommend them, but give them a try and see how they work for you.

  Doris Day 15:30 18 Aug 04

Apologies for the hi-jack put does anyone know of an online company that will rent single individual DVDs as opposed to these sign up for a monthly fee and create a list sites which seem to have taken over.

  Salinger 17:28 18 Aug 04

Blockbuster appears to do this as well.

  The Spires 07:55 19 Aug 04

I have used click here for some months & I can't fault the service they give, no problems. Doris Day they also do a cheaper scheme where you have one DVD at a time.

  Rwstill 18:16 19 Aug 04

I am in my 2nd month with blockbuster, in the trial period things worked like a charm 3 or 4 a week. Since I have started to pay it's gone down some what.
Two DVDs have gone missing on thier way to me, one of them turned up nine days late.
All this hassle of reporting missing DVDs, prolongs the time taken to receive your next fix.
Now I seem to get two a week.
And about not having them off the top of your list, I think thier way of looking at it is, if you have what you want early off you will go.


  ManWithHat 23:48 20 Aug 04

I've been with LoveFilm for several months, found the service good. Have got through about 20 dvds, only once had to wait for my first choice. Almost always receive new dvd 2 days after returning one. Did have trouble with one dvd freezing on some episodes (which may have been down to my cheap player), rapid response from customer service extended my free trial by 3 days.

  javaBalls 14:02 21 Aug 04

thanks for all your comments.

I think I might sign up for my free trial.

I also noticed that LoveFilm are offering their service through

Just one problem though - where will I get the time to watch all these films?

I will tick the 'Resolved' box. But please continue to add to this thread if you want to.

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