Online Banking free?

  Tick Tock 15:12 28 May 04

I am thinking of using halifax online banking
are there any hidden charges.

  mikeyb59 15:27 28 May 04

Can't comment about the Halifax as I am with the Royal Bank of Scotland. I have been using their Direct Banking service for close to three years.

The result - I visit my local branch about once a year, write two cheques a year (car & bike tax ), can't remember the last time I looked at a paper statement.

The convenience & ease of use is outstanding and all at no extra charge.

Please feel free to try it, ignore all the horror stories you may hear and, if you don't feel comfortable with it then you don't have to use it.

Hope this helps. Mike

  Chronos 16:49 28 May 04

as far as i know the answer is no, i bank with the HSBC, and i do it all on-line..

  antoni34 16:56 28 May 04

Been using their online banking 4 years and have never been charged.

I find that it`s a convenient way to pay bills etc without having to go to a local branch.

They are also keen on security - when I logged on yesterday there was a prominent warning about a scam email going round asking people to confirm all their security details - telling me to ignore it and giving a phone number to ring if I had replied (I hadn`t)

  ste_bla 17:54 28 May 04

If you get your password wrong once you have to phone up a number to get it reset by tellingu half of it on phone half by email (took a day once) and then u log on and change it.

It is annoying and you (mite changed) had to pay local rate phone number..

I prefer Natwest who use random letters from 2 passwords sounds slow & hard but once use to it very easy.. also NW is normally upto date (2hrs or so) halifax was a working day depend atleast..

Saying that changed to NW at xmas so mite have changed... no hidden costs apart from off local phone call...

  Andybear 18:41 28 May 04

I've been using NatWest on line banking for two years and have had no problems and haven't been charged extra. I find it very convenient, particularly for checking statements, moving money from one account to another and all sorts of other stuff.

  krypt1c 18:49 28 May 04

Like the others my bank - Lloyds TSB - do'nt charge for online banking. However I only have a basic account. There may be charges for other types of account, but no more than there is when using the branch

  oresome 19:41 28 May 04

I use Halifax online and there are no charges. I find that being able to transfer money immediately from one Halifax account to another is a boon as I can keep a minimum amount in a current account and top up when required. Did want to transfer a large amount to another bank once which was a bit of a hassle as I think there is a daily limit.

  RBMS 21:15 28 May 04

Be careful to monitor all transactions as the systems do not always operate 'real time' and delays in transactions can cause problems when viewing 'available' balances.

I experienced this problem recently using natwest online and 'switch' transactions which i assumed were debited from the account immediately but in practice were delayed by a couple of days before being debited from my account..........hence what appears as 'available' is incorrect / misleading.
Therefore hidden charges are made going accidentally overdrawn!

  Djohn 22:25 28 May 04

My wife and Son use Halifax on-line banking and there are no charges. I use Yorkshire bank on-line, no charges with that either and all transactions between the three are instant.

Our credit cards are also on-line and we can move funds round as we wish in an instant. I don't think this applies to all banks/credit cards though. j.

  cara 23:11 28 May 04

I use Barclays and Nat West. Both are excellent, and in my experience, free of charge.

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