One of the Best - John Lewis

  bremner 13 Apr 11

For the umpteenth time John Lewis has shown that with Amazon and Crucial it is at the top of Online sales and service.

Ordered a new printer from them on Monday at 12 noon. As I was in no hurry I took their free 5 day delivery.

At just after 11.00 this korming it arrived. Less than 48 hours after ordering.

I can highly recommend them to Forum Members with hesitation.

  Forum Editor 13 Apr 11

I can highly recommend them to Forum Members with hesitation.

Well I know what you meant.

Our house is a shrine to John Lewis. Where household appliances and furnishings are concerned, if it's not at John Lewis Mrs. FE won't have it in the house.

  bremner 13 Apr 11

Thanks - It should of course say "without" :o(

Since moving 18 months ago we are pretty much the same. As we decorate another room it inevitably means a couple of trips to Bristol John Lewis.

  mehim 13 Apr 11


Our house is going the same way.

Especially electronics, from Desktop to picture frames. We recentl bought an Acer Laptop and my Son noticed a pixel out. Next day back to store and exchanged with no hassle at all. Absolutely brilliant service.

  Forum Editor 13 Apr 11


Over the years John Lewis has stuck to the ethos that the only way to retain or increase market share is to offer its customers the kind of service that other companies can't (or don't) match.

By doing so the business engenders a culture of loyalty in its customer base - John Lewis customers will return time after time. The company's unique policy of making its staff members partners in the business means that they'll go the extra mile - it's in their interests to do so.

  DippyGirl 13 Apr 11

Must agree John Lewis (Waitrose) are an excellent company from the Customer point of view and by all accounts a great company to work for - a freshing change these days..........look and learn

  Diemmess 14 Apr 11

Count me as a very satified customer too.

DAB radio as a posh present for elder son. Within a couple of months the volume control defaulted to full on switch on. Son was ditherring over particular model, so I was given a full refund and (nice touch) the cost of the Severn bridge toll

  spuds 14 Apr 11

Perhaps I am now going to put a slight slant to John Lewis service. Recently they have come in for a bit of stick regarding their 'perhaps now' policy of price matching. Quite a number of items have 'free' extended warranties, and on this basis John Lewis have been unable to price match with other retailers, "because they are offering a better deal" with the 'free' extended warranty.

But having stated that, I made a television purchase from them a few years ago, and at the time of sale their own Partnership credit card would not process correctly. For that trouble we were offered a free meal in their restaurant 'because we were inconvenienced, and waiting'. Declining the offer, we were then given a 'John Lewis' boxed scart lead off the display unit as a substitute. On the box was a sales sticker showing £20.00, which is a price I would have never paid for an item like this, but as it was given free, then whom am I to complain?.

The other problem that I found was the delivery times and arrangement. Item was delivered two days later within the 1pm/9pm time slot. Goods arrived at 8.30pm and were not sourced local, even though the John Lewis store had checked local stock, which I could have taken-away on the day, had I so wished.

  mehim 14 Apr 11


When I bought the laptop I asked about price match/warranty and I was told JL are no longer counting the warranty as part of the match here in Cardiff. If I had bought the original item he was willing to match currys. We ended up buying a different machine which was already best price so could not test this. This was last week.

  exdragon 15 Apr 11

bremner - maybe our paths have crossed, John Lewis Bristol is my local. Perhaps FE should issue PCA badges!

  bremner 15 Apr 11



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