Old fashioned keyboard wanted for ham fisted typist

  Borrel 15:24 PM 07 Jun 13


I'd like to add an auxiliary keyboard to my laptop.

I've been writing since typewriters, and admit to being quite heavy handed. I find all laptop computers a little small, and without much "travel" on the keys. Can you recommend something that will attach to the USB which is, if anything, beefier than a desktop computer keyboard?

Something I can really thump!



  wee eddie 15:29 PM 07 Jun 13

Go for a cheapie £5,00, or thereabouts, and buy a new one whenever it breaks.

  Borrel 15:57 PM 07 Jun 13

Thanks; I'm not really worried about breaking the thing, it is more the feel. The modern keyboards I have tried are not very positive.

  wee eddie 16:15 PM 07 Jun 13

I bought an Advent cheapie. It seems to take everything I throw at it - except Tea!

  spuds 16:33 PM 07 Jun 13

Suggest that you have a look on eBay, the last time I looked there were 1813 laptop keyboards to choose from.

I bought a 'mini' keyboard the other week from one of the pound shops. Does the job, but not sure how long for. but then again, I hardly use the laptop, but it can be transferred to the desktop, if needed?.

  Nontek 16:46 PM 07 Jun 13

I use a USB Logitech Wave keyboard, bought at a Charity shop for £2 - it is brilliant. If you have any charity shops near you, have a look they a great source of cheap PC parts etc.

  Nontek 16:47 PM 07 Jun 13

Ooops - 'they are a great source ...

  Borrel 17:15 PM 07 Jun 13

Thank for this. I was hoping there might be a typewriter emulating keyboard, with decent key depth,(maybe with a bell as well!), but the cheap "throwaway" option sounds like a good one.

  mart7 22:20 PM 07 Jun 13

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