Old fashioned keyboard wanted for ham fisted typist

  Borrel 07 Jun 13


I'd like to add an auxiliary keyboard to my laptop.

I've been writing since typewriters, and admit to being quite heavy handed. I find all laptop computers a little small, and without much "travel" on the keys. Can you recommend something that will attach to the USB which is, if anything, beefier than a desktop computer keyboard?

Something I can really thump!



  wee eddie 07 Jun 13

Go for a cheapie £5,00, or thereabouts, and buy a new one whenever it breaks.

  Borrel 07 Jun 13

Thanks; I'm not really worried about breaking the thing, it is more the feel. The modern keyboards I have tried are not very positive.

  wee eddie 07 Jun 13

I bought an Advent cheapie. It seems to take everything I throw at it - except Tea!

  spuds 07 Jun 13

Suggest that you have a look on eBay, the last time I looked there were 1813 laptop keyboards to choose from.

I bought a 'mini' keyboard the other week from one of the pound shops. Does the job, but not sure how long for. but then again, I hardly use the laptop, but it can be transferred to the desktop, if needed?.

  Nontek 07 Jun 13

I use a USB Logitech Wave keyboard, bought at a Charity shop for £2 - it is brilliant. If you have any charity shops near you, have a look they a great source of cheap PC parts etc.

  Nontek 07 Jun 13

Ooops - 'they are a great source ...

  Borrel 07 Jun 13

Thank for this. I was hoping there might be a typewriter emulating keyboard, with decent key depth,(maybe with a bell as well!), but the cheap "throwaway" option sounds like a good one.

  mart7 07 Jun 13

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