Oh wow on a sony viao screen

  moodboom 11:47 16 Oct 05

My brother has just bought a new wide screen viao laptop and I was very impressed with the image quality of the screen. I am still a preferred CRT user (my Hitachi CM721F is fantastic!) simply for image quality but desk space is always an issue. Are the TFTs finally getting as good? I am quite tempted by the 19" viewsonics reviewed in PCA. Will I see as good an image in these as I did in that sony? Office and photo/video is my main use with a bit of gaming now and again. Thanks for any thoughts folks.

  Forum Editor 17:42 16 Oct 05

but take time to choose a model that suits your requirements. One issue with gaming can be the 'lag' time that arises in some cases, and you'll need to check that out. Otherwise you'll be very impressed.

I do a fair bit of graphic and image work for clients, and I was a confirmed 21" CRT monitor user until about a year ago, when I got my first AOC TFT screen. The display quality astonished me, and since then I've acquired three more TFTs for my office. I'm currently using a 19" LG screen, and the display quality is simply the best I've ever used - CRT or TFT.

Take time choosing, and if possible get some feedback from other gamers before buying - then plunge in.

  moodboom 18:30 16 Oct 05

What model LG is this perfect machine? The L1915s is cheaper that the viewsonic I was looking at but the L1940 is a little more expensive. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 18:59 16 Oct 05
  moodboom 11:00 17 Dec 05

I now own an Acer AL1913. The screen is lovely and I'm really struck by just how much more area there is to play with. I could quibble that the font resolution isn't quite as sharp as my hitachi crt but I'm looking really hard. For the price of £180 it's a bargain. Can't wait to upgrade it one day already.

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