Office XP

  Gorillaz 14:07 27 Aug 03

I know it has been asked before and some say yes and some peopel say no, but can you install the same copy of Office XP on a desktop and a laptop.
Also will there be a report on the meeting PCA had with MS in Reading?

  Jester2K II 14:18 27 Aug 03

Yes you can. One laptopn and one desktop.

  Gorillaz 15:03 27 Aug 03

What do I do about activation codes?

  accord 15:29 27 Aug 03

yes you can, page 76 in PCA oct 03. but you cant install XP operating system on more than 1 machine.

  Djohn 16:00 27 Aug 03

As above, yes you can. Microsoft operating systems. EG: [95,98 ME, Xp] is (1) O/S (1) PC.

Office suites are (1) Suite = (2) PC's, EG: (1) Desktop and (1) Laptop. Both PC's must belong to you and be used by you. Hope this helps. j.

  Gorillaz 16:09 27 Aug 03

Thanks to everyone for their help.

  Jester2K II 16:11 27 Aug 03

You just activate the second copy as the first.

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