Obtaining a uk licnese from abroad

  ronalddonald 21:06 06 Jul 09

In a couple of months im planning to move and live in Cairo.

Im wont have a forwarding address in the uk. Unless anyone know how to get hold of a postal address just for post only.

Now if i don't have residence in the uk yet i be expat how do renew my uk driving license whilst I'm abroad.

Can i go the British embassy can they renew it?

I be very grateful for all help. Thank you!

  ronalddonald 22:07 06 Jul 09

You must be very small ninja. Hence this is not a windup of any kind i am planning to move to Cairo.

But by the look of things it looks like you can answer my questions!

But i know that there plenty members of PC advisor who will assist me.

  Forum Editor 22:33 06 Jul 09

in the normal way.

No, you can't go to the British embassy for help with this - that's not their function. Apply to DVLA at Swansea.

I suggest that you might like to click here

  wjrt 22:51 06 Jul 09

click here+
looks like that if you do not have a uk address then you will have to get an egyptian licence

  jack 08:26 07 Jul 09

If possible - assuming that it is near renewal date-
Update it before you leave .
But then if you are moving out- permanently- why bother?
As suggested obtain a license pertinent to your new domicile

  sunnystaines 08:57 07 Jul 09

Just renew when you come back here, as you will not need it in egypt. I would expect somewhere like egypt would have a easy test to pass compared to here.

  lofty29 10:53 07 Jul 09

You are not entitled to hold a UK driving licence unless you are normally resident in the UK, the standard rule is that if you reside permanently abroad you have to exchange your UK licence for the country of residence, you can however if you return to the UK permanently then exchange it back, there are fees for the service however. I know this because I went to live in Cyprus for 4 years, and that is what I had to do.

  laurie53 19:29 07 Jul 09

Surely you won't need to renew your driving licence until you are 70, by which time you will probably have found that with all its faults the NHS is better than Egyptian geriatric care, and be back in the UK.

  interzone55 20:56 07 Jul 09

If you have a photocard licence they have to be renewed every 10 years.

The paper counterpart is valid until your 70th birthday, but once you've had a photo licence you then have to renew that every 10 years...

  BT 07:34 08 Jul 09

You're right. A lot of people have been caught out by this. Its not very obvious and most people don't realise that the photocard has to be renewed. I suppose when you think of it your face changes so your photo may not look like you after 10 years. Its just like your passport having to be renewed every 10 years, for similar reasons I suppose.

  laurie53 09:18 08 Jul 09

Didn't realise that.

Only just got my first photocard licence at 70.

I suspect that in ten years the least of my problems is going to be renewing my photocard!

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