NVIDIA unveils the GeForce PCX family of graphics

  powerless 11:05 20 Feb 04
  powerless 03:45 22 Feb 04
  Mysticnas 08:25 28 Feb 04

GF4 Ti4600 still serves me well enough to cope with the latest games and 3D modelling!

I seriously have yet to see something worth upgrading to. I think the current crop of cards ar mere rush jobs, enhancements on GF4's. OK so they give higher FPS and few new rendering techniques, but at the end of the day nothing to throw away my GF4 for.

I thought that PCX cards would be released with the next generation of Nvidia card, which are believe are NV40. I think this is yet another way resell exactly the same thing!

These graphics giants need to show what they're really capable of producing!

At this rate i deffinately won't be upgrading my pc within the next 6months.

  citadel 13:21 28 Feb 04

A new btx base unit will be needed for these cards as motherboards need a new case. tweaktown.com has btx pictures and info.

  The Sack 01:23 29 Feb 04

The PCX cards are just FX5950s with a converter chip.

UT2004 on a GF4 Ti4600 must be terrible!

  simonp1 08:18 29 Feb 04

Well before i upgrade i will contiune to O/C my 9800 PRO.....serves me very well

  Mysticnas 09:26 29 Feb 04

No it's quite fine actually...

Also Call Of Duty runs very fast with all details turned up full, with a res of 1280x1024. Mind you, i have some mates with other branded GF4's just don't seem to be able to cope for some strange reason. One of my mates can't even run Call of Duty on his at all, it keeps crashing.

I have a Leadtek GF4 Ti4600 128MB ram, overclocked.

CALL OF DUTY AND UT2004 run smoothly on my gf4 ti4200 (not overclocked) and thats with nearly all of the settings in the games turned up to high.

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