ntlworld Customer Services address?

  pipedream 20:13 17 Apr 04

Hello - does anyone out there have a Customer Services address I can write to for ntlworld?

I have finally managed to cancel my dial-up account with them after three months of phone calls and letters to their cancellations address in Camberley, but I want to get back £15 they owe me.

Have tried calling their billing line but they just refer me to cancellations again & they never respond to e-mails!

If anyone wants to cancel their ntlworld contract bear in mind that they will ignore your request to cancel several times before doing anything. Thanks.

  SEASHANTY 20:34 17 Apr 04

I should have thought it was quite easy to cancel your account. If you have honoured the one year contract and then want to cancel all I would do is give them one months notice and cancel my Direct Debit from the time the notice expired. Simple. If you have let it go on then I do not think you will get your £15 back.

  spuds 20:35 17 Apr 04

Will any of these help click here

  SEASHANTY 20:39 17 Apr 04

The main address of NTL is :-

NTL HOUSE, Bartley Wood Business Park, Hook, Hampshire. RG27 9XA

  spuds 20:41 17 Apr 04

Appears to be something wrong with that link. Try click here when page opens, go to top right hand corner,then click on 'contact us'.Quite a number of addresses available.

  pipedream 22:27 17 Apr 04

In answer to Seashanty... simple?? I assume you're not with ntlworld! I also thought it would be easy to cancel... I called them in January, they said write in with 1 month's notice and that would be it. I then called again & again after my account wasn't cancelled, not realising I was being ignored and lied to, so here I am three months later. Not direct debit unfortunately and Visa wouldn't stop payment.

Thanks for the other, more useful responses, will try those addresses. It's not the £15, more the principle.

  SEASHANTY 00:17 18 Apr 04

Well I am on NTL. Been on the 600k BB for about 18 months now and find it excellent. Its been off for a few hours on a couple of occasions but all in all I am well satisfied as are many of this forum's users who also have NTL BB. I make all payments by DD and wasn't aware that NTL were taking payments by Visa. And I do know that it is difficult to stop payments made this way as neither your Bank nor the card company will stop the payments. The only way to stop it in this case is to cancel the card with your bank and obtain a new one. Did you suggest to NTL that you would pay by card? Everyone around here on NTL all pay by DD. Very strange. Yep - if you gave them notice in January you should be entitled to a refund. Maybe they did not get your letter if you sent it to Camberley. Should have gone to Hook I think. Hope it works out okay.

  pipedream 08:56 18 Apr 04

Thanks Seashanty - can't remember how I started off via Visa but will bear this in mind next time. Pleased you are happy with ntl's service - my ntl dial-up was pretty good but have now gone ADSL with Pipex (who I can recommend). If you do need to cancel in future, just bear in mind they may give you conflicting info. as they did me (i.e. two of their staff said I need to write a letter, two said all I need to do was to call cancellations, which I did in the first place!).

  doorman 23:17 20 Apr 04

I had the same nightmare trying to cancel my NTL account, after many emails and phone calls the address I was given to write to was;

Unit 4,
Technologies Transfer Centre,
Silwood Park,

I sent letter by recorded delivery but still got no reply, eventually got through to someone called Clare on 0800 195 9930 who closed my account, My Visa card was credited with £15 about 3 weeks later.

Will never knowingly use NTL ever again.

  pipedream 23:08 28 Jul 04

Well, it's taken 6 months, but after two e-mails from click here (someone on this forum gave me this tip, thanks for that), NTL have finally agreed to refund my £30! They completely ignored all my other letters, e-mails etc., so I am finally free of this useless company!!
P.S. The 6 months doesn't include the previous 3 months of hassle trying to get them to cancel it in the first place.

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