NTL & Telewest to Merge

  GaT7 17:40 03 Oct 05

NTL and Telewest have formally published the banns of their marriage.

The long-awaited confirmation of their union sees NTL acquiring Telewest, to create the UK's second largest communications company after BT...>>. To read more click here. G

Related article about resultant job losses: click here

...as many as one in four of the 19,000 or so people employed by both companies could lose their jobs once the deal is completed next year...>>

  pj123 17:47 03 Oct 05

As most of the financial reports I have read about NTL seem to suggest that they are in "financial difficulties" where did they get the money from to take over Telewest?

  WhiteTruckMan 18:00 04 Oct 05

...Judging from the size of my phone bill, they must have got it from me.

Strange coincidence that they announced this the day after I stumped up the readies....:-)

I hope they don't change from Telewest's internet speeds and prices to their own for the former Telewest customers.

  Joe R 19:17 04 Oct 05

[email protected],

Agreed, also lets hope that the Telewest support, doesn't take a tumble with it.

  VoG II 19:59 04 Oct 05

I agree - worrying times :o(

  igk 20:29 05 Oct 05

Not being with either,although had 5 years of NTL aggro(no choice as could not get a tv reception without NTL cable)I have a friend who is with Telewest(and very happy with them too)I hope NTL don't screw up Telewest to its own disgusting standard..

  GaT7 22:34 05 Oct 05

So, depending on how you look at it - Telewest may make NTL better, or NTL may make Telewest worse.

I can understand Telewest users' concerns, & (for once?) NTL users may have cause to celebrate. Anyway, let's not judge too quickly, keep a positive outlook & hope things pan out well. G

PS: I'm with NTL - been with them just over 3 months & have had very good service (so far).

  GaT7 19:52 06 Oct 05

Some excerpts:

"The good news for consumers

The merger will hopefully see the companies offering even greater value and deals, not only in individual products but also their bundled deals - supplying digital TV, broadband and home phone as one package..."

"Good for competition

The increased competition could also spark rivals to review their products and reduce their prices. There is expected to be a big marketing push when the new company launches, which will highlight the benefits to consumers in shopping around for the best deal..."

"The bad news

Thirty-nine per cent of the UK currently does not have cable access to their homes. These customers will not be able to benefit from any savings or offerings for cable specfic products such as digital TV..."

To read it all go to 'NTL-Telewest merger: Price Wars Loom' click here. G

  14all 21:29 07 Oct 05

This is not good news atall.
I live in an area witch is divided by NTL & Telewest. Most of the Telewest customers are satisfied with their service and latest free upgrade to a 4mb service. While the NTL part of the area just moans and groans about their service.

I just hope that NTL doesnt drag Telewest down to their level.

  wee eddie 23:10 07 Oct 05

The reduction in competition will mean that the Shareholders will make more, but the clients will pay more.

This is already a Cartel, a reduction in the membership will allow the system to veer toward and to favour the Suppliers of the service.

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