NTL petition

  vienna1981 16:33 16 May 05
  pj123 17:21 16 May 05

Not sure I could be part of that. I am on NTL 2mb with a 1gb cap per day, that is 30gb per month. I will never exceed that amount of bandwidth.

  vienna1981 18:18 16 May 05

thats ok, mainly the 1mb customers will have a struggle :(

  pj123 15:20 20 May 05

Having done a little bit of research I see the NTL £17.99 1mb package offers a 3gb per month cap.

Most of the other ISPs for the same price/connection are only offering 1gb per month. Virgin is the only other ISP that I can see offering a 3gb per month. Most people that I have spoken to say the 3gb per month is more than adequate for their needs and have never exceeded the limit.

Mind you I still feel that an "always on" connection should be just that. So why should there be any limits at all. If AOL can do it why can't everyone else?

It's rather like my car insurance. I want "any Driver" but I keep getting asked for other drivers names? What does "any driver" mean. What does "always on" mean? It won't be "always on" if you exceed the monthly limit?

  vienna1981 15:35 20 May 05

hi thanks for your response, problem is, i quite like ntl's service and my phone and digital tv package are with them, it's not me personally who will go over the 3GB limit but there is also another pc linked to the modem, I got a phone call from NTL in response to my email about the cap and they explained it better than their website, however, i still voiced my concerns over how the 1MB, in relation to the caps for 2MB and 3MB, isn't fair. Also, I prefer my cable modem and would rather use this as opposed to broadband via a phone line.

  Danoh 23:33 20 May 05

vienna1981, it would be helpful to share the better explanation.

I for one was confused over the table on the web site, whether it was just one of the usage examples or all of them added together.

  rdave13 23:54 20 May 05

Pay for three different speeds at three different prices and that is it.

No caps as they say.

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