NTL Offer - Too Good to be True

  Pesala 10:11 05 Jun 04

A man from NTL called at my door yesterday evening. He said that they were digging up the road to change their boxes and were offering a free dial-up internet connection to compensate for the inconvenience. I know there's no such thing as a free lunch, so what is the catch?

I haven't seen any details in writing. I presume that one has to subscribe to NTL phone service to get free internet. The previous resident at my place had an NTL telephone account, I just have cable broadband.

  spuds 11:56 05 Jun 04

Did the person not offer written liturature or more fully contractrual details.Salespeople in the evening, knocking my door offering things for free, always put me on the offensive.

  Pesala 12:03 05 Jun 04

He said he would send some literature (again). It doesn't matter what time of day salespeople call, I am always defensive, and sometimes take the offensive if they interrupt something important. I was curious to know what strings are attached to this offer, assuming it is a genuine one, and how many others have been offered a "free" internet connection.

  Rayuk 12:14 05 Jun 04

I think the "connection" bit may be the free part,ask for a couple of months free broadband instead

  Andybear 13:13 05 Jun 04

Why not give NTL a ring? They might be able to give you some info. I've always found their Customer Services people very helpful.

  TomJerry 13:28 05 Jun 04

and charge you with 0845 call.

Nothing is free.

  Gordon Comstock 17:42 05 Jun 04

In the near distant past you used to dial up NTL on an 0800 number for nowt, I'm sure they could easily resurrect the facility in special cases.

Expect, however, to have a paid for broadband offer drop through your letterbox just as you're enjoying your freedom.

  oresome 21:46 05 Jun 04

Exactly how disruptive will the work be? The offer may be far to little to compensate.

  accord 07:34 09 Jun 04

when i first took out an NTL package i paid £9.99 per month (i think) for TV/PC/Phone. That was about 3 years ago when the internet was free as it was an 0800 dial up no.

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