NTL Broadband

  myphrill 18:30 24 Dec 04

How does everyone get on who has an NTL Broadband connection running through their tv set top box? i use ethernet now and its fine but with their usb adaptor i couldnt access certain pages with heightened security. as soon as i reinstalled it with ethernet it was fine and i didnt make any option changes on I.E6. Also 750k for £25 a month is good (was 600k)

Whats everyone elses opinion on them?

Cheaper than BT you think? i think so

  Rayuk 20:13 24 Dec 04

Im on via cable set top box never any problems [sorry out when undersea cable was cut,but you cannot blame ntl for that]
Also I believe come early 2005 for a one of payment of £25 the 750 will become 2Mb and remain at £24.99

  myphrill 20:45 24 Dec 04

hmmm not bad at all! especially if you keep it for a long while. ^_^ 2Mb.....wow O_O

  g0nvs 07:37 25 Dec 04

Had NTL for years, never had any problems.

  cdb 16:57 26 Dec 04

My friend has it and it was always dropping the connection, but we aren't sure if that was down to the usb connection or the pc which has now died. No doubt we'll find out when she get's a new pc.

  myphrill 22:11 26 Dec 04

CDB dont use that USB adaptor, its useless, just use the ethernet connection (looks like an oversized phone cable) the pc has a socket for it at the back (looks like an oversized phone socket) with a symbol of 3 pc's connected meaning network :)

  Chuffchuffbuff 19:25 28 Dec 04

I have used ethernet from the start and never had any problems with NTL, occasionally I have to reboot the set-top box but that's no hardship.

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