Novatech - superb service again

  howard64 10:41 08 Aug 09

I placed an order yesterday [Friday 6-8-09] afternoon and chose the free delivery option which estimated delivery next Tuesday. At 0930 today [Saturday 08-08-09] it was delivered. I just wonder what would happen if I needed something quickly?!!! Superb service yet again from them.

  birdface 15:46 10 Aug 09

Well we must assume it was not a new computer that you ordered.
But with delivery speeds like that you can see why they are so popular.

Only one problem you ordered it on Friday the 6th and it was delivered on Saturday the 8th.

  user8 16:36 10 Aug 09

They do seem to offer a great service time & time again.

  howard64 16:40 10 Aug 09

sorry buteman it was Friday 7th. must have hit the wrong key in typing. Fitted the parts yesterday and running well.

  Colin 19:03 10 Aug 09

In my experience it pays to choose the cheapest delivery option unless you really need it the next day. Ebuyer, Amazon etc have always delivered before the expected delivery time. I suppose they see if the courier has capacity to fill and then put the longer delivery items on to those deliveries to make it cost effective.

  realist 19:38 11 Aug 09

I am considering ordering a laptop from Novatech as they offer them with XP Home pre-installed.

I trust the quality of their pc's is as good as their service.

  birdface 09:18 12 Aug 09

Never ever purchased a computer from Novatech but with some of the good feedback you get from this forum I would have no hesitation in doing so.
The only thing that would normally put me off is having to add customized parts for a computer as I would not have a clue as to what I would need.
So I normally just buy computers that have the parts needed already connected.

  anniesboy 10:35 12 Aug 09

For me quality of service is important,especially when things go wrong.
A year ago I ordered two new PCs from Novatech, after a week or so one started making clicking noises,i suspected a duff hardrive.
A few minutes chat on their helpline they suggested a return to check it over ,5 days later machine ready with new drive fitted.

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