Novatech LCD Tv's

  krall 22:43 19 Nov 05

Hi, would appreciate any comments on the 32" and 37" sets being advertised by Novatech which appear to be very good value. thanks.

  Stuartli 23:40 19 Nov 05

They will be rebadged models by an established manufacturer - you first need to find out the name that manufacturer.

  krall 23:49 19 Nov 05

Many thanks, Stuartli, they say they are Philips/LG panels.There were two good reviews on the Novotech website but one never knows how genuine these are!

  Stuartli 09:22 20 Nov 05

That's a start, but you still need to discover the manufacturer who has used these panels to manufacture the sets.

If you go on a price comparison website with illustrations of various sets of these sizes you should be able to pinpoint them with a little effort.

Then you can chase up reviews of particular manufacturers' models.

However, Novatech has a good reputation and the sets' features and prices will probably prove as good a guide as any.

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