Dumble452 10:25 08 Apr 04

I would just like to say how pleased I am with the service I have received from this firm. Their order tracking system is very good, also they kept me informed every step of the way from receiving my order until it arrived at my door. Well done! After building my computer I had an obscure technical problem (well, it was obscure to me) and their technical support desk was able to sort it out for me over the phone in two or three minutes. I am very impressed and will shop there again.

  Stuartli 13:40 08 Apr 04

Although, for some reason, I've never dealt with Novatech, I've rarely seen any criticism of the company - clearly it is doing something right..:-)

  Diemmess 15:03 08 Apr 04

Happy to endorsethe pat on the back.

Have dealt quite often with Novatech, recommended by a son to try them.

They are honest traders, slightly limited range, but efficient, competetive and ready to help with advice if required, and to honour a bargain if the item isn't up to scratch.

  User-312386 18:18 08 Apr 04

Novatech are a very good firm to deal with

  thms 18:44 08 Apr 04

Excellent company. I have ordered a couple of items of them in the last few weeks.

All arrived within 2 working days and e-mail sent to inform you that your order has been dispatched.

Wish I had known about them sooner. Prices not to bad either.

  961 19:19 08 Apr 04 too

  Belatucadrus 22:57 08 Apr 04

I like Novatech, but they use Securicor to deliver in my area and they couldn't find their own posteriors with both hands and a map. Does tend to sour the experience.

  The Tick Tock Man 23:28 08 Apr 04

At least I'm not the only one they seem unable to find. They claimed to have delivered some software to my flat but I was out each time. Fair enough, it could happen. But each time they came, they claimed that they had left a card. No cards to be seen, not one. THEN they wanted me to pick the parcel up from their depot!

  961 09:35 09 Apr 04

A trick I was taught by an on the ball mail order supplier when I was told a card had been left was "ask them what colour your front door is"

  Bandy 10:47 09 Apr 04

I have nothing but praise for Novatech, but like others I think the Securicor service is disgusting.

I've recently waited three days in London for two replacement drives which Securicor have failed to deliver. Now because of time concerns I'm going to have to have them re-routed to my home address and then make a 200 mile round trip journey to fit them after receipt.

I know that there can be problems with all couriers from time to time but Securicor seems to be making a career out of it.

As others have also commented the ficticious card left was on the tracking system which also got my goat.

  arricarry 20:52 09 Apr 04

If they fail the Parcelforce exam they take them at Securicor. On the bright side: your parcel is so secure nobody knows where it is, not even Securicor.

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