Notebook V Desktop

  Teddington 08:53 24 Jan 03
  Teddington 08:53 24 Jan 03

Notebooks seem to have come on it terms of performance and popularity.
Can we discuss the pros and cons of each?
I am on the fence at present and need to jump either way to make a purchase.

What’s your experience? Did you regret the move or is it the best thing you have done?

  Magik™ 09:45 24 Jan 03

A lot have both, i have just got a new laptop, and it is the best thing since sliced bread, once the desktop gives up the ghost that will be it, i would not get another one...the laptop does it all.......

  Teddington 09:50 24 Jan 03

having both I can see the advantage but is it not a pain to keep synced? I can imagine the line
"..ohh bugger, it's on the other machine.." happening a lot

  Magik™ 11:11 24 Jan 03

in my case i have them connected with a wireless link, with the one you see on the BT openworld homepage, so i can surf arounf and what ever is on one, i can access on the other...

  Magik™ 11:18 24 Jan 03

i suppose if i had neither, then i would be knocking on the mans door that sold laptops..and at this point i might as well throw an advert in, my laptop is the Dell inspiron 8200..bit of a mess up with delivery, but the PC is ace...

  Djohn 11:32 24 Jan 03

Teddington,after looking at Laptops in PC World, I think if I was starting out fresh that's the way I would go.

One thing to take into consideration is the lack of Upgrading, so I would get the best I could afford for future use.

Some people will pay, say £1000-00 for a desktop, knowing that over the next year or two they will spend a further £500-00 or so on upgrading, with a laptop allow for this expense and spend it up front.

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