Not Powerpoint, so which software do you recommend and why?

  Diemmess 26 Apr 13

ProShow has been used by a friend and to his credit managed to convert his best 35 mm slide shows for digital projection. He was given a lot of help by the keen Photographer members of his camera club though housebound nowadays.

I have Powerpoint as part of MS Office, but there must be better ones.

I'm not in anyway involved with this commercially and am becoming rather old to beat a steep learning curve {lazy).

Ideally the chosen software is free, or cheap and can be used easily, without ages spent trying to understand the rules?

  HondaMan 27 Apr 13

have a look atSerif They have some useful items

  The Kestrel 27 Apr 13
  Salut 29 Apr 13

A slightly different response to those given is to download the Libre Office suite. One of the programmes offered is Presentation. To all intents and purposes it is a PowerPoint look alike. I find it far more versatile than PPT.

  Diemmess 29 Apr 13

Have set off using PowerPoint, swept aside the prejudice which some people have, expect to learn something and stop being lazy.

Thank you for your input.

  Woolwell 29 Apr 13

There is a reason why PowerPoint is used so much and that is because it is good.


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