Not a good start with Mesh customer support

  me1982 18:10 13 Dec 06

My new comp was due today but it didnt arrive by 5 so I decided to ring them up knowing they close at 6, they said they'd ring back but didnt even bother.

Not good service.

  The Brigadier 18:17 13 Dec 06
  me1982 18:25 13 Dec 06

I have his email addy but he's probably out of office until tomorrow and then I will just ring up again anyway.

Just wanted to vent as I dont think that was too good for them not to call back.

  spuds 23:19 13 Dec 06

"didnt arrive by 5...knowing they close at 6, they said they'd ring back".

Perhaps that's the answer, and they may phone you tomorrow. If they do not, and the goods do not arrive, contact Davey direct.

  hzhzhzhz 23:50 13 Dec 06

It is close to xmas and they are probably very busy.

  hzhzhzhz 23:53 13 Dec 06

The Brigadier

I'm sure the FE has better things to do than chase up every PC thats not delivered on the specified day.

  FatboySlim71 00:00 14 Dec 06

me1982, I had exactly the same problem with Mesh, I had taken a day off work to take delivery of my PC and like yours it did not arrive, I received no phone call off of Mesh to notify me of any delay, also it was no where near xmas when I should have received mine, I rang them up and I was told that someone would ring me back and they didnt, Mesh really do need to improve their customer service. Personally I would avoid Mesh like the plague after the experiance I had and also the countless complaints I have read about them, I am sorry me1982 that you are yet another customer who is receiving poor customer service.

Fair enough it is near to xmas but all it takes is a phone call to the customer to notify them of any delays.

  me1982 00:50 14 Dec 06

hzhzhzhz - It wasnt that it wasnt delivered that annoyed me, I wouldnt of minded had they said it will be here tomorrow or whatever, it was that they said they would call back and didnt.

of how many times I've heard a forum member complain that Mesh has promised to call them back and they haven't

  me1982 12:28 14 Dec 06

I just rung them up and the delivery date has suddenly changed from the 13th which it says on there website to the 19th.

  The Brigadier 15:08 14 Dec 06

Have you asked why?
See if the Forum Editor can see whats up?

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