Norton Internet Security renewal flaw

  HXP 28 Dec 12

Getting a reminder from Nortin Internet security that in 28 days my licence will expire which is fine, What isn't so good is if i renew now the remaining 28 days is NOT added to my new subscription - seems unfair as i want to renew and forget about it. Could PC Advisor ask them the question why the remaining time on my last years subscription can't be caiied over - seems counter productive to loyal customers .... or is it best for me to take the FREE Kaspersky internet security offered by Barclays and ditch Norton ?

  VCR97 28 Dec 12

That's most odd. I would contact Norton support. I've always had the new sub added to the unexpired portion of the current sub.

  HXP 28 Dec 12

I purchased the new suite with a product key and when I click on the renewal tab this is the disclaimer :

"If you have a subscription renewal code or product key you can enter it below. Note: The days remaining on your current key will not be added to your new key"

It just seems odd the database they run that knows my subscription - linked to the on line ID you have to create can't add +365 days to an existing licence ... I will wait til day zero and renew it with the new licence I guess but inconvenient and not in the customer's best interest as far as I can tell.

  rdave13 28 Dec 12

If you are still not happy about it in a year's time then use the Norton removal tool and accept your Bank's generous offer. No brainer really.

  spuds 29 Dec 12

What happens when you leave the renewal to the last day of the present installation?.

Is it not possible that the start date will go from then. If not ask Norton why?.

  Taff™ 29 Dec 12

Absolute no brainer. Let Norton expire, remove it and take the Kaspersky - it's very good.

  iscanut2 29 Dec 12

I agree with Taff & rdave13..

  VCR97 29 Dec 12

"The days remaining on your current key will not be added to your new key"

I think that means that the days shown on the Norton panel will not increase but will show 365 when the current days reach zero.

  sunnystaines 29 Dec 12

goto norton livechat and they will add the outstanding days for you.

  mole1944 30 Dec 12

Why are you paying for Norton when there are many free antivirus products out there,also your isp will probably have one for you,failing that Microsoft have a security suite for free.

  Woolwell 01 Jan 13

I use the free Kaspersky from my bank. It's very good. Why pay when you can get it for free? Incidentally Kaspersky also alert you to the fact that if you renew early then the remaining time will be lost. But being free it isn't a problem. The offer allows you to install on up to 3 Pc's.


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