Norton Internet Security 2007

  Aargh 15:12 22 Jan 07

As a long term user of Norton (without any real problems) I expect a certain amount of comment from those who use the free software available to do the job of protecting their systems.

One of the main criticisms of Norton is that it is resource hungry and slows you down.

Having just taken advantage of the free upgrade to NIS 2007 + the add ons, I have to say that the latest version now seems faster to load and is very much more 'in the background.'

If this improvement is in any way due to those who use the free software and your criticisms, I thank you.

  Totally-braindead 15:27 22 Jan 07

Its not just the free program users that have been complaining its some of the Norton users as well.
I'm glad that Norton appear to be listening to what their customers want and have streamlined it somewhat.
By the way I'm not a Norton user.

  The Brigadier 15:57 22 Jan 07

Norton normally hogs the system resources so dont normally install it.
However it is a good product for those who buy it.

  Gopherit 16:27 22 Jan 07

thanks for your comments, I bought the program when buying the computer,and my annual sub is uptodate,so nnot a freebie. i am a fully paid up member
Is the upgrade to 2007 an option for current subscribers, if so how do i go about getting it please.

  Aargh 16:43 22 Jan 07

I upgraded from NIS 2006 as a result of an email offer

click here

I haven't looked to see if you can upgrade from NIS 2005

  Belatucadrus 19:55 22 Jan 07

Strange thing is that Symantek spent the last few years denying there was a problem, yet now are making much of the fact they've fixed it.
Pat on the back for sorting things, slap round the head for telling porkies all this time.

I suppose this means we'll have to find something else to suggest to the next petitioner craving resolution to their slow PC problem.

  Jimmy14 20:09 22 Jan 07

I have been saying for a long time that Norton 2007 is a program with advanced excellent features and doesnt take up much if not any system resources like my 2006 subscription.

  Totally-braindead 20:25 22 Jan 07

I'm with Belatucadrus on this. They knew that it slowed the computer up and denied it and now say that its sorted.
Don't get me wrong, if Norton have slimmed their program down so it doesn't drag things down so much then all praise to them but I find it a bit two faced to say that there isn't a problem and then a couple of years down the line that they've solved it.
If you have it Aargh and are happy with it then fine. Always nice to know that a programs been updated.

  Minkey1 18:09 23 Jan 07

I've defended Norton in the past, arguing on a reasonably spec'd machine it's overhead is usually acceptable plus - I like an integrated solution, and don't mind paying for one when it works.

However, I'm changing my mind. Via a link provided in the forum, I updated NIS 2006 on my wife's laptop to the 2007 version for the balance of the subscription period.

It's set to scan at the default Norton Fri 8.00pm, and since putting 2007 on, the scan takes all evening and in to the night, finally finishing after saying it's looked at over 1M files !

During the scan it's virtually impossible to do anything else - and this on a business laptop with decent spec's.

Anyone else found this with scanning using NIS 2007 ?

  BRYNIT 18:31 23 Jan 07

It could be a glitch when you updated to NIS 2007 have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Norton.

  Jimmy14 18:35 23 Jan 07

Sorry about your issue but I don't get these problems. It scans my laptops 80Gb hdd then my 300Gb external hdd and only takes an hour at most.

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