Norton AV or NTL Netguard ?

  TreeBear 10:32 12 Aug 06

My annual subscription for Norton Antivirus is due shortly. As an NTL 4mb broadband user I am entitled to free use of their Netguard antivirus suite.

However, I've used Norton for a long time and always found it good and have seen no comparative reviews of Netguard. I'm not sure about dropping it in favour of something I know little about.

I'd appreciate comments / advice from anyone using Netguard; especially how effective it is (i.e. does it miss anything), how up to date are the virus signatures it uses, what is support like, is it intrusive, is it stable etc.

Thanks in advance.

  vinnyT 14:19 12 Aug 06

See your twin thread in the helproom.

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