Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal

  Dai Chyandour 09:37 11 Feb 12

I just got an email from Norton saying they will charge my debit card automatically for renewal of my antivirus. I have no problem with this, but they quote the last four digits of a debit card which was issued only recently and which I have never used with Norton.

How have they recorded my debit card details? Are they watching and recording purchases I make elsewhere? Are there security/data protection issues here? Virtually impossible to get an answer direct - any ideas?

  Ventad 13:49 11 Feb 12

Not sure about this but have you entered your card into "Norton Identity Safe"

  birdface 13:50 11 Feb 12

They have been fined over $500.000 for doing the same thing before when they were still charging customers that were no longer with them and did not want Norton renewed.Surprised that they are still doing it or did they ask you first.

  Dai Chyandour 16:52 11 Feb 12

No, I have not subscribed to Identify Safe.

They did forewarn me of their intention to renew and debit my card which is OK but I just cannot figure out how they knew my card number. They list several of my cards as to final four digits but they included one new number from three months ago that I have never used with them. I have used it for Amazon, etc., but surely they should not have some means of reading my purchases and recording the debit card used?

  Condom 20:51 11 Feb 12

Send them an e-mail asking them the question and see what they say.

  Dai Chyandour 15:32 12 Feb 12

I tried this, Condom, but can find nowhere on their web site that you can raise an email. They appear to discourage direct contact!

  sunnystaines 15:54 12 Feb 12

always renew with a retail version from pcworld,novatech,amazon etc they are very often half price or less. never renew direct with norton or you will pay top dollar.

  xania 13:59 13 Feb 12

This link

should allow you to send an email.

  Forum Editor 15:10 13 Feb 12


I edited your post to make the link work. Thanks for the helpful advice.

  Dai Chyandour 16:35 05 Mar 12

Thanks, Xania and Forum Editor and I have emailed Norton for a comment. Sorry for delay in actioning your useful info.

  Dai Chyandour 10:33 06 Mar 12

Thanks Xania. I emailed Norton and got an interesting and prompt reply. Here is part of it: "To help keep credit card information current, Symantec participates in an Account Updater service with issuing banks to provide updated account information for cards that have been upgraded, renewed or reissued." So my bank is telling Norton (and who else?) when they issue me with a new debit/credit card. This, for me, raises major confidentiality and security questions and I have written to my bank for a comment. I find the whole thing unbelievable!

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