Non-delivery of confirmed order by Dell

  Dai Chyandour 16:40 07 Jan 08

I ordered and paid extra for Works Suite 2006 to be included with my Dell XPS PC. The order acknowledgment includes this and adds the component parts (Works, Word, Money, Encarta, Streets & Trips).

They actually supplied Works Plus 2008 which does not include Money, Encarta, Streets & Trips. They now say that this is the current version and they cannot supply Works Suite 2006 as ordered and confirmed. I reckon they should supply me with either Works Suite 2006 as confirmed or the missing software individually - Money, Encarta, Streets & Trips. Am I being unreasonable?

  pchelper001 16:51 07 Jan 08

No not at all, if dell say they are going to give you something, they have to or it is false advertisement, i think.

  Pamy 17:08 07 Jan 08

I think somewhere in the fine print you will find they have a "get out Clause". Nevertheless, I would press them vigouresly for the progs that you wanted.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained is my motto.

  wjrt 19:48 07 Jan 08

click here
if you do not want to use the 0845 scroll down for a regional phone number

  laurie53 20:13 07 Jan 08

No you're not being unreasonable.

They entered into a contract with you, and they must now fulfil its terms.

They can no more opt out of giving you all the goods than you can opt out of giving them all the money.

  setecio 21:26 07 Jan 08

I would add up the cost of all the software at Amazon and ask them for that much of a refund. You never know .... they might pay out.

  Dai Chyandour 10:13 10 Jan 08

Thanks to all who told me to keep after Dell. I did and they have now agreed a refund on the Works Suite 2006 upgrade they did not supply. In the circumstances this seems fair enough. Where they went wrong was to accept my order in the first place when the software was no longer available.

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