Noisy Evesham...All Fixed

  anniel 16:38 12 Feb 07

Some of you will remember I wrote about my new Evesham PC which sounded like a jet taking off when I switched on.

The engineer called out last Friday, said it was a faulty fan, put in a new one and finished his work carefully and quickly within about 10 minutes.

So now I have a quiet PC purring away.

Glad I chose Evesham again.

  Europa 19:57 12 Feb 07

This is definitively excellent customer service.

  Probabilitydrive 21:00 12 Feb 07

It was the: Evesham Solar XT. Intel Core Duo Processor, Twin HDDs of 160GB each and 2 GB DDR RAM machine.

Glad to hear that Evesham continue providing good customer support.

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