no items delivered...

  toon_mad 11:35 13 Dec 08

hi, ive ordered multiple items, most from ebay (first class) and a few from other stores like amazon. 9 items in total which were ordered on wednesday the 10th of this month and nearly all are first class. its now saturday and only one item has been delivered.

does it take longer with multi items and i should wait, or should i be concerned?


  curofone 11:47 13 Dec 08

It's christmas, so gives royal mail and excuse to go slow. I had a package sent first class on monday and did not arrive till thrusday and had another thing sent 1st class on wendesday and has not arrived yet so yeah it is pretty normal around christmas.

I think i read that royal mail are saying if you are sending a parcel/package 1st class then the last date you should do is the 15th if you want it before xmas so shows you how slow they are going

  toon_mad 12:03 13 Dec 08

ah not to worry then, hopeful will get them on monday, thats reassuring i thought the postman bandit might of swiped some of the goods!

i think this time of the year first class should be cheaper if they are going to treat the package as 2nd class.

anyway thanks again :)

  wiz-king 12:40 13 Dec 08

I work for a company that send most things out by first class post and we have noticed a rise in customers complaining about delays in receiving their orders.

  toon_mad 13:32 13 Dec 08

that was strange, the royal mail van pulled up and he sat there for ages, only to knock on the door with one item. surely they had the rest

  toon_mad 13:34 13 Dec 08

i suppose it will be pretty hectic at this time of year. im building a pc up and hoped to have got everything this weekend to start doing it.

thanks again everyone

  spuds 20:06 13 Dec 08

Reading in todays newspapers, it seems as though the Royal Mail are going on strike just before Christmas, so there might be an even bigger backlog to deal with.

  Condom 21:36 13 Dec 08

I too ordered several things from Amazon which have so far all been delivered separately. However I still can't watch my new Digital recorder to its full potential as the only bit yet to arrive is the HDMI cable which is coming by Royal Mail. Why Amazon couldn't have stuck the cable in the Video box and saved some money I have no idea. Sods law.

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