Nexus 7 - how much do you use yours?

  AngeTheHippy 07 Sep 12

Yes, its my new toy,and wonder whether I'm using it too much? I will need to charge it again tomorrow. Oh it holds charge OK, but I've got mine on all day - can a tablet withstand extended use like this, or only be powered up for short periods?

Ange X

  KRONOS the First 08 Sep 12

I find that holding a charge is pretty rubbish compared to the ipad,it can be slow to go from portrait to landscape and it does not seem to hold a decent Wi-Fi signal as well as the pad. But and this is a big but it was a damn sight cheaper than the ipad so that is a massive bonus.

On a personal note I am not sure I like the smaller screen but in saying that it does make it more convenient to carry.

One thing I have noticed is that using Google drive the Nexus 7 syncs far better/quicker/easier than the iCloud which I had so many problems with. Another plus is that your apps are stored in the cloud so easier to transfer to another device, I don't think itunes/Apple made this very easy at all.

  AngeTheHippy 08 Sep 12

Morning Chronus... phew!! Sooo many views, and you're the first to answer! Was getting worried there. That's interesting - My WiFi signal i excellent, with 3 other devices using it at the same time - but then I have very fast WiFi. I think I'm needing to charge it each day, but as I said - I'm currently using it MOST of the day -0 it's a new toy remember, the novelty might wear off soon lol lol. Not having probs portrait to landscape either - perhaps I've got a good one! Have found a free app - can watch ALL the UK terrestrial TV stations. Excellent. Eat ya heart out BBCiplayer... 8-)

Ange x

  amonra 10 Sep 12

Ange I have just bought a Nexus, what is this app you have for watching TV ? Sounds very useful. It's a pity we have lost the old yellow envelope, solved a lot of issues.


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