New Radeons - 9800, 9600 etc.

  MartinT-B 17:04 07 Mar 03

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Let's hope the 9700 comes down in price :)

  powerless 20:40 07 Mar 03

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I'm happy with my ti 4600 at the moment, but anything below £150 for a 9700 may make me tempted but ummm no i'm still happy with my 4600.

They do look impressive those new card ;-)

  Colin 13:56 08 Mar 03

I love it when new graphics cards are anounced. I am looking to replace my current Radeon 32MB DDR with a Radeon 9500 PRO which is currently about £150. In a month or so, the 9700 PRO will be about that price, so I will wait till then and get the card I really want. I paid £149 for my current Radeon, it is now £28 from DABS!

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