New Printer -- Low Capacity Cartridges.

  spuds 11:48 11 May 03

Thought this maybe of possible interest for discussion. I recently purchased a new printer from a well known outlet. After a few sheets of printing, I noticed that the blue ink was not functioning/blending properly, from the three ink cartridge supplied colour cartridge.

I visited the supply store [on another matter] and brought the cartridge problem up.Various points were raised, and it was suggested that due to the print cartridges being of a 'trial low capacity type', this could have been the problem.

What do you think??

Should also mention that I cannot understand, why the cartridges are supplied as low capacity, when it would only cost a few pence to make them full capacity.But then again, that is how the manufacturers make their profit, isn't it??.

  Belatucadrus 12:42 11 May 03

It's one of the sad facts of life that manufacturers sell the printers, particularly basic inkjets, cheap then make their money on the ink. One of the ways they have of cutting cost is the " Low use cartridge " not all manufacturers do this but it is worth checking before you buy a printer. That wonderful bargain will seem less so if you run out of ink in a matter of days. The problem I have with the concept is that it frequently isn't clear whether or not the machine comes with a full capacity cartridge.

  Djohn 13:56 11 May 03

I don't think HP do this, as I bought my new printer approx. two months back and have used 650 sheets of paper so far, a mix of text and colour graphics, and three colour photo's.

Tanks ars down by two thirds according to the ink monitor. J.

  3Toed 14:47 11 May 03

Can you name the model/manufacturer,i,and maybe others may stay away from such a manufacture promoting such underhandedness.

  Happy1 15:21 11 May 03

Have always bought Epson and always been supplied with full cartridges.

  3Toed 15:39 11 May 03

Happy1-likewise,except for now-i saw a thread on
on Choice stationary today-giving it a try.Will stop there,dont wish to divert/interfere with SPUD'S thread.

  wee eddie 16:19 11 May 03

Every magazine that I have read has published on the matter of Ink-jet running costs. That anyone can take a new printer home without a spare set of cartridges surprises me, or for that matter, checking that they have a suitable connecting cable.

"I shall no doubt be caught out doing some thing equally forgetful shortly."

Even if they gave you full tanks, they would need replacing shortly, as almost every printer works overtime for it's first week or so. It would also make the cost of owning the printer too obvious if the punter had to ante-up that same again to fire his machine up, as it were, and might put someone off that critical sale..

  Cathode 16:26 11 May 03

Epson use low capacity cartriges with new printers, some of the cheaper HP printer cartriges you buy are 'half full'. HP started this with the HP 610.

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