New PC Under £300 @ PC World/Currys

  Shark boy 16 Aug 11

Hey everyone,

Need some ideas for a new PC from PC World/Currys/Dixons.

My old laptop died and I have up to £300 to spend on a new desktop PC.

It has to have the following specs (min)

3GB RAM 250GB Hard Drive Intel Core i3 Processor with Sandy Bridge WIRELESS ENABLED

Any ideas?

Thanks, Will

  Covergirl 17 Aug 11

Here's an idea - try looking on Currys / PC World websites and see what is available with your chosen specs. I think Comet sell the boxes without screen if you already have one.

  wee eddie 17 Aug 11

I would suggest that you consider buying from on-line manufacturers, where you should be able to get many more bangs for your limited bucks.

Dell are pretty reliable, and there are many other smaller Manufacturers our there.

  Woolwell 17 Aug 11

I reckon that the OP has vouchers that must be used at DSG. Would help if range of places to buy was explained.

  Armchair 17 Aug 11

A quick look at the PC World site shows that there are no desktop PCs that meet your price/specification requirements.

  The Kestrel 17 Aug 11

Here's one that meets your specs from ebuyer

  Armchair 17 Aug 11

It doesn't, though, because it uses a socket LGA1156 (not socket LGA1155).

  harps1h 17 Aug 11

With the budget you have quoted it is difficult to see where you would get a system using the new cores and motherboards. So to get picky is not your best way. However, if you have the reletivley low skills needed to put togther a modern system on a budget, look here

It is everything you need for in the case. You just keep the peripherals and update those as you go along

  ICF 17 Aug 11

Can You find an extra £40 PC

  harps1h 17 Aug 11

be aware though the link above states no Operating System as did mine, so you will need to consider that also


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