New Pc

  waterland 20:34 06 Mar 07

I am about to buy a new PC down to Mesh,Dell or another Evesham (which has been very good)Should I change makers?

  webb204 20:40 06 Mar 07

i,ve recently purchased an evesham solar pc advisor gs ,love it ,no problems whatsoever ,if you were happy with your evesham ,stay with them ,if you read these forums i think you will dismiss mesh !

  waterland 20:47 06 Mar 07

It does make good sense does`nt it thanks

  terryf 23:13 06 Mar 07

click here good price and spec, my son bought one of these for his ma-in-law and it doesn't get any more risky than that. It seems a good machine to me and 2yrs RTB Warranty

  neil79 11:02 07 Mar 07

Always Evesham for me. I know people think they are slightly more expensive than others. But for me when you look at the service they offer and the high quality parts they put in, it is worth it. Also when you actually spec up most companies to what evesham offer as standard the price is very similiar. They are just honest and make the cost obvious up front.

Before anyone asks i am not nor are any of my family employed by Evesham, i just like them for what they have done for me.

Anyone noticed the web site design they have by the way?

  waterland 11:23 07 Mar 07

Thanks all I will stick with evesham

  interzone55 19:39 11 Mar 07

I was going to ask this exact same question, but with a tendancy to lean in the direction of Dell.
I have a brand new Dell Optiplex on my desk at work & it's fantastic, fast, and almost totally silent, but I keep seeing similar spec Eveshams in PC Pro & the like so was wondering if they are any good.

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