New Mouse Needed

  Fishbox 11 Jul 11

Any recommendations for a mouse,please? Corded or cordless,not for gaming,no-frills reliable model wanted for use with Desktop PC.Up to £20. Last one at budget-end of price range(Logitech RX250 optical corded) failed after under 4 months light use.

  carver 11 Jul 11

If it's failed just phone Logitech up and they will replace it. They are one of the best manufactures with a very good after sales service.

They replaced a key board and mouse that was 2 years old with out any argument and I received one of their top of the range kit in replacement.

  961 11 Jul 11

Wired optical mouse from Microsoft does me very well

Anything from £12 or so upwards often with free delivery from folk like Amazon, and all the rest

Intellimouse software works with them all, downloadable from Microsoft, v8 works well with Windows 7

  wee eddie 11 Jul 11

I have a cheapo, cheapo, "Trust" one, PS2 connection, wired and optical. Over 8 years old, works well, cost £4.50.

Absolutely no need to spend a fortune, although I would suppose £10 is now the base line to expect. If you have a PS2, Jack Socket, purple if I remember, it makes sense to use it rather than one of the USB Sockets. Also, PS2 always works in Safe Mode.

  Woolwell 11 Jul 11

wee eddie - Finding a ps2 mouse is quite difficult now.

  wee eddie 11 Jul 11

I'll keep mine safe then!

  spuds 11 Jul 11

There are still PS2 available, and failing that there are USB/PS2 adapters also readily available.

I have always used cheapo keyboards and mouse kits, and never really had a problems using them. Lifespans on some cheapo models seem more reliable that the far more expensive models, looking at certain forum comments.

The mouse I am using at present, and have been doing so on a daily basis for years, is a budget wireless Packard Bell C-3UP, which I think was obtained from PCW at the time.

  BT 11 Jul 11

Cheapo from Tesco with a classy blue light and a PS2 adaptor. Had it about 3 years now and I think it cost about a Fiver.

I think you'll find that most USB Mouse(s) tend to have a PS2 adaptor included.

  chub_tor 11 Jul 11

Personally I am a fan of Microsoft mice. On my desdtops I have been using Intellipoint Explorer 2 wireless mouse for many years now, they have been reliable, very economical on batteries and very well built, When I needed a bluetooth mouse for my netbook I automatically graduated to Microsoft and bought the Bluetooth Mouse 5000, all good purchases for me.

  Fishbox 11 Jul 11

Thanks all.

  jaraba 12 Jul 11

link text

Have used a couple of these for a while now and so far no problems.


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